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Zilzil Tibbs Banaut Pasta Red Sea Combination
Eritrean and Ethiopian Food Restaurant


Red Sea Restaurant has been changing the way you eat out for more than 16 years. With eclectic and authentic African Eritrean and Ethiopian food, our restaurant provides you with a completely unique adventure for your taste buds. From mushrooms cooked in tomato sauce and spices to a combination plate of chicken, lamb, and vegetables, we have something for every craving. In addition to our amazing array of menu items, we also serve the finest wines, coldest beers, and tastiest cocktails. For your next dinner out, step out of the ordinary, and step into Red Sea Restaurant!

Food at our Ethiopian and Eritrean restaurant Food at our Ethiopian and Eritrean restaurant Food at our Ethiopian and Eritrean restaurant


From Your First Step in Our Door ~ Ethiopia Greets You!

In addition to our phenomenal Eritrean and Ethiopian cuisine, we also strive to provide you with an authentic atmosphere. A large component of eating Ethiopian food revolves around the giving of gursha. Gursha means “mouthful” and refers to a small morsel of food, which one places carefully in another’s mouth. This is an exciting and somewhat erotic part of the culture. Used as a gesture of affection, Gursha can be exchanged between husband and wife as well as among close friends and relatives. Enabling you to enjoy the custom to the fullest, we extend an invitation for you to experience the art of Gursha when you come to our restaurant.
All you have to do is use the Injera to scoop some Wet into the other person’s mouth. You not only experience the culture, but you show your affection and enjoyment of your date or family.

 Now we have added greek cuisine which reminds us of santorini weddings

Spongy, flat, unleavened bread. Prepared from Teff, wheat, or barley and millet.
An Ethiopian grown grain, rich in minerals.
Spicy or mild sauce, onions, and pepper base with various spices. From cumin, nutmeg, cardamom, and ginger to garlic, sage, curry, and oregano. Wet can be prepared from beef, lamb, chicken, and vegetables.


A Taste of the Menu
Dine-in Take-out Catering

  • Tibs
  • Yesiga-Zilzil Tibs
  • Awaze Tibs
  • Shifinin
  • Kitfo
  • Yedero Wot
  • Yebbo Siga
  • Yebeg Siga Wot
  • Birsin

May We Pleasure You with A Drink?
Budweiser™ • Bud Light™ • World Select™ • Michelob Ultra™
Corona™ • Bacardi Raz™ • Coors™ • Heineken™

Reservations Requested for Parties of 6 or More



Outdoor Patio Seating Entertainment Music Catering for All Occasions

Contact us today or come by our Eritrean and Ethiopian food restaurant for delicious cuisine and an authentic atmosphere!

Hours of Operation
Monday–Sunday, 11:30 a.m.–10:00 p.m.


Red Sea Restaurant
5200 Claremont Street
Oakland, CA 94618-1033
Phone: (510) 655-3757