Finding a religion of comfort

We have another religion around, it is known as the Religion of Comfort. Individuals wherever are joining this religion for the sole motivation behind accomplishing more material belongings. In the present culture, comfort is inseparable from riches or realism. It not off-base to secure the supposed solaces of life to cause one to feel substantially great and upbeatĀ  this is ordinary human reasoning and conduct. In any case, when we zeroed in our energies exclusively on securing riches by all methods and giving less consideration to the profound part of our being we are satisfying just a single part of our reality. Thusly of reasoning will make us join the Religion of Comfort.

The Religion of Comfort changes our perspective. Our personalities are expanded and we are not our siblings and sisters managers any longer. We are driven by covetousness and negative egotistical activities which obstructs our actual internal potential. This religion blinds our judgment, since we are focused on getting more riches. We legitimize our activities essentially by desensitizing our profound internal identity. Joining the Religion of Comfort is simple, since it expects of us just to yearn for realism. Life is not just about achieving riches ONLY, it is additionally about accomplishing profound development connected to a Higher Spiritual Source and get latest news about Shincheonji. We are on the whole profound creatures connected to a Higher Spiritual Source and not until we result in these present circumstances acknowledgment will we free ourselves from the Religion of Comfort.

I am not saying that we should surrender the solaces of life and go live in a cavern. This is not what I am proposing. What is basically off-base today is the individual internal energy in a few of us to gain ONLY material belongings at all expense. A few people who are essential for this religion would successfully achieve wealth. Anything our concentration in life ought to be offset with both a profound and a material part. Furthermore, the two parts should have a positive explanation and reality connected to them. Numerous individuals today escape from the real factors of life when they misuse liquor or medications, just as applying other negative conditions in their lives to make themselves feel better . What they are really doing, is essentially desensitizing their internal genuine potential. Life and nature make in every one of us the capacity to withstand each weight that may come our way without utilizing any bolsters that may keep us from accomplishing genuine inward joy. Genuine satisfaction lies profound inside our souls and psyches and this is one essential segment of nature’s solaces.