Simulating Naval Tactics on a Limo Ride

Naval warfare used to be a mainstay in terms of how countries and empires engaged with one another, and a big part of the reason what that is the case has to do with the fact that ships represented the forefront of modern technology at the time. While the modern day has made naval warfare less important than it used to be, mostly due to the rise of plane based battles that played a much more important role in recent wars such as World War 2 and the like, you can still simulate the naval battles of old by renting a limo.

You might be wondering why we have suggest limos of all things to help you simulate naval warfare. Well, the reason for this is that the average Brigantine limousine would have a really long body that requires a fair amount of maneuvering. This is not identical to how old ships behaved but it is similar in a way. One of the similarities that can be noticed at any given point in time would be that you need to plot your course well in advance lest something or the other happens during your turns that you weren’t expecting.

A great way to simulate naval battles would be to look into the old naval battles that once happened long ago and repeating the events that occurred. This would show you just how intense the battles could be, as well as the amount of forward thinking that was required to ascertain the kind of movements that the ship would take part in and what movements the enemy combatants might be thinking of making as well. Both aspects of naval warfare are equally exciting.